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The Art/Comics page of Max West, aka "Skyfire"

Greetings!  I am Max West, a fantasy/science fiction illustrator, a painter, a funny animal artist, and
independent comics writer-creator.  My credits are the independent comics series Sunnyville Stories,
the (presently inactive) webcomic Bleu's Forest/Animal Pens, and the minicomics "FARM #1A",
"Rusty and Sam #1", and "Sunnyville Stories Episode #0".

Attenion please!  A special message from
the management!

Effective immediately, this page will no longer be updated.  It will remain up for those
who want to view its contents.  From now on, anyone wanting real time updates
as to my work should check my  Twitter account.  My username is "maxwestart".

My new homepage is courtesy of WordPress at  the official Sunnyville Stories blog page. 

Also check out my personal site on  DeviantArt

By Maxwell West

A Webcomic that is no longer updated every Thursday!

Attention - Bleu's Forest is presently inactive due to professional and personal reasons.  I will eventually go back to working on this
comic.  When I do, it will be even better.

Latest Webcomic
BF 1/29/2009

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This page is dedicated to the memory and magic of Len Carlson (1938-2006).

Bleu's Forest is copyright of Maxwell West.